Sue Scheff: Fundraisers that Offer Practical Products – Help Raise Money for Your Schools, Youth Programs and more

Let’s face it, many parents cringe when their child brings home that fundraising package. You know you will have to call in the family troops, knock on your neighbors doors and the dreaded, bring it to the office.

I don’t think there are many people that enjoy being approached to purchase items, whether it is for a good cause or not, today’s economy has left many people having to cut back. How much wrapping paper do you really need? Do they not realize that Dollar Stores now sell fancy gift bags for a buck?

During the National PTA Convention the Exhibitors Hall was filled with great fund raising ideas. With a range of percentages going to the schools, the attraction is truly what can people use today? Another words, if they are going to support a good cause like the PTA or their school, let’s sell practical products!

Here are the some great ideas for organizations to use for fundraisers and hopefully you will find the items useful.

At the top of the list has to be RightResponse Responsible Fundraising. These are First-Aid Collection Kits for everyone, including your pet! Whether you want to purchase a kit for your car, for your teen that is involved in sports, for those that love the outdoors, or even for your pet, RightResponse First-Aid packages are priceless for emergencies. You never know when you need a First-Aid Kit and these mini-travel size ones are perfect for fundraisers. Who doesn’t need an instant First-Aid Kit at some time of their life? If you have an organization and looking for a practical fundraiser, check out and see if they can help you grow!

Another practical fundraiser, especially for the younger kids, is Growums! Located right here in West Palm Beach, they offer a great line of gardening with their motto, “add a little character to your garden“. They mean that literally! Growums™ garden kits are a fun, simple learning tool that teaches children and adults alike the joys and benefits of growing their own food. The results bring more than just entertainment and a tasty harvest. No more candy, no more popcorn, time for healthy eating and growing your own healthy treats. Check out their interactive website that children can learn more about harvesting in the gardening playland.

Did you know that 82% of people drink coffee? With this, it is practical to offer friends, family, and those co-workers a product they will use. Ugly Mug Coffee is here for your fundraiser. With 82% of Americans drinking coffee, you don’t have to wonder who’s going to be interested in your fundraiser – it’s not seasonal and it’s not a fad. In fact, most households purchase coffee on a weekly basis.

These and many others were featured at this year’s National PTA Convention. Whether your kids are involved in sports, clubs or other organizations, if they get involved in fundraisers, encourage them to take a look at products the average person could actually use!

Watch slideshow for more fun ideas.

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Sue Scheff: Josie Ratley’s Condition Worsens (teen beaten nearly to death by other teen)

On March 17th, 2010, our community was shocked, horrified and stunned to hear of a 15 year-old eighth grader, Josie Ratley that was severely beaten nearly to death by another teen, Wayne Treacy

After spending two weeks at Broward General Hospital and undergoing two surgeries on her brain, Josie condition has worsened as pneumonia and the left side of her brain shows damage.

In the recent attack on Josie Ratley, Broward Circuit Judge Elijah Williams issued a temporary gag order on March 25th, barring talks about the facts of the case against the 15-year-old suspect Wayne Treacy until April 6, 2010.

However we are now all waiting for Josie Lou Ratley to wake up and start healing.  It was announced this week  that in addition to still being in a coma and not being able to breath on her own, she also has pneumonia and the left side of her brain is showing signs of damage.

The family had prayed she would be able to open her eyes by now but family members now realize that this could turn into a marathon,” said the Ratley family attorney, Rick Freedman.

The pneumonia has filled up her lungs and clogged them with fluid,” Freedman said. “Just when you think you’ve taken one step forward, you take one step back. I would say the family is frustrated. They had hoped to be able to talk to her.” – CBS News

What can you do to help?  Keep the Ratley family and Josie in your prayers this Easter weekend and always.  Join her Facebook page – Pray for Josie Lou Ratley and support the family with your loving words of support and love.

There are also many fundraisers planned to benefit the Ratley family who is without medical insurance. 

Another fundraiser just added is Wildlife Adventure on Saturday April 10th, from 10 a.m.-5 p.m.  GatorBoys are holding a “wildlife adventure” on the grounds of The West Broward Community Church. Come out and see gator wrestling, grizzly bear exhibits and misc. kids activities. Proceeds will benefit The Josie Lou Ratley Fund.

If you would like to send get well cards, please mail to  the address below:

Broward General Medical Center
Patient Josie Lou Ratley
1600 S. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Donations can be made directly to:

Wachovia Bank
2989 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.
Please make checks payable to “The Josie Lou Ratley Fund“.

CJ’s Draft House
in Deerfield Beach will hold a fund raiser for the Josie on April 11, accepting donations and dedicating a portion of its revenues to a fund for Ratley.

Read more and watch video update here.