Sue Scheff: Teens and the iPad

Apple’s Steve Jobs recently launched the iPad, displaying the many capabilities that this latest gadget can perform. Reminiscent of an iPhone, only larger, the iPad has practical applications for the gadget loving teens.  Even colleges students will fall in love with this latest tech system.

The iPad offers a wide variety of features that will delight and make life surfing and studying with more ease.

One benefit of the iPad it the ability for organized note taking, especially for those busy High School Juniors and Seniors that are crunching to get their college applications in and keeping their GPA up.  It offers one compact place for notes to be organized and offers the ability to, with ease, to share these notes with a classmate through a simple email. 

Another asset is the calendar feature.  Does your teens need to keep track of when homework is due, exams are scheduled, college application deadlines, study dates, social events or even  his/her job schedule?  iPad offers a simple way to organize your dates, deadlines and keep up with your busy life through your touch pad.

Most all teens love their iTunes, YouTube and pictures. Buying music from the iTunes store is easy and viewing movies or videos should be more comfortable on the larger 9.5 by 7.5 inch screen.

Another cool feature is the iPad can be used as a digital photo frame when not in use and has many ways to import and export photos, including docking it with a computer or downloading via email.

Is the iPad right for you teenager?  The prices range from $499.00 – $829.00 which may be a deciding factor.  Although reasonable priced for the product and its’ enhanced features, not all families are able to afford these extra luxuries for their teens.  College students are another target market that may benefit from this new gadget.  The book reader feature will help eliminate some of the bulky books they are carrying.

Don’t think about the iPad as just a computer. Its true potential lies in its potential as a communications device. – Washington Post

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