Praying for a Miracle…. Danielle Herb: A Teen That Helped Many Children with ADD/ADHD/Autism Now Medically Needs Our Help

Please support Danielle Herb....

Teens that inspire….

Danielle Herb was always on the top of the list in Florida.

Today, however, she and her family are praying for a miracle and hoping you will read this and take a few minutes to watch the video click here.

Danielle Herb, her young age of 15 set out to change the lives of ADD/ADHD and autistic children through horses.  Her goal was to improve the lives of a million children.  She was well on her way with her equine therapy program called Drop Your Reins.

Horses are amazing because they are sentient animals that mirror our personalities as well as our fears. -Danielle Herb

Since being diagnosed with RSD/CRPS in June, 2010 and as her issues continue to present themselves she has since been diagnosed with POTS-Postural OrthostaticTachycardia Syndrome, Dysautonomia, Gastroparesis and Mitochondria Disease, Danielle Herb has been suffering in pain that has literally crippled her.

Through this pain she continues to want people to think about others.  She worries about the children that need her, the kids that depended upon her Drop Your Reins program that inspired so many children.

Danielle Herb’s mother, Marianne St. Clair, recently updated her daughter’s many friends and fans on the progress as well as the continued need for support.  Click here. Needless to say the financial burden has been overwhelming.

Danielle Herb before the disease took over...

Please take a few minutes to watch the video.  Anything you can donate is welcome, and all they prayers and support are appreciated.  Leave your words of support on this special page created for well-wishes.  Team-Danielle.

Teens that inspire…. Danielle Herb still tops the list!


Sue Scheff: Teens Helping Teens with Special Needs through Circle of Friends

Teenagers can have a difficult time with today’s peer pressure. Keeping up with the trendy fashion, hair styles, tech gadgets and hanging with the cool group is all part of being a teen in high school today. However when it comes to teens with special needs, having a friend is one of the hardest parts of going to high school.

Circle of Friends
is making strides of changes and bring light into some very dark and lonely lives of teens. Circle of Friends is a social skills programs for teens and adults with disabilities such as autism, through understanding, acceptance, friendship and inclusion. They go into local high schools, teens are inspiring lives. They provide valuable support and friendship to those with disabilities. Teens and adults that were once isolated and lonely with their disability are now experiencing living through Circle of Friends. From a simple phone call, to going out to eat, Circle of Friends is providing a sense of normalcy to people with disabilities.

Special events are planned such as dances and organized outings to the movies, restaurants and shopping help these disabled people learn better social skills and enhances their communication skills with others. Circle of Friends helps make dreams come true for these otherwise isolated teens and adults with disabilities.

A priceless gift that Circle of Friends creates is the gift of giving. Teens that take part in Circle of Friends are influenced by bringing an awareness of understanding and acceptance to those that have disabilities. It is true, it just feels good to give!

Encourage your school and community to open a local chapter today. Read Ella’s story. Learn more, click hereRead more.

In Jacksonville (North Florida area) Autism Speaks has many chapters.  Click here for the locations and contact information. Empowering adults with Autism through art with Art Possibilities, learn more.

Watch video and be inspired to start your own chapter today! Read more.