Sue Scheff Founder of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts and Author

Sue Scheff founded Parents’ Univeral Resource Experts (P.U.R.E) in 2001.  It was created to help educate parents in a loosely regulated industry called “teen help.”  After struggling with her own teenage daughter, she traveled down a road that was not only destructive to her – but put her daughter in harms way.

Sue Scheff is now a Parent Advocate and continues to help thousands of families with today’s teens.  During her crusade to help inform others, she became a victim, and now survivor, of Internet Defamation and Slander.  As with many people that have a voice to create change, you will have vocal enemies.  However, free speech does not condone defamation or slander.  After fighting back – a jury awarded Sue Scheff $11.3M verdict for damages.   Order Google Bomb today!

Sue Scheff has appeared on many media outlets including ABC News 20/20 i-Caught, Anderson Cooper,  The Rachael Ray Show, Lifetime Television,  CNN Headline News, Fox Morning News with Mike and Juliet, Fox News Tampabay, CBS News with Katie Couric, BBC, CBC Sunday News Magazine, Newsweek, Washington Post, Washington Times, USA Today, Miami Herald, Veja, Forbes, and many more both National and International.

Sue’s first book – Wit’s End! is now available at all book stores and online at Amazon.

Sue’s second book – Google Bomb! is also available on Amazon and in major bookstores.


One thought on “Sue Scheff Founder of Parents’ Universal Resource Experts and Author

  1. I have read your Blog and extend my congratulations to your success against the offender.

    Please excuse the lack of a real name, this because of my website that fights against Internet Abuse, which is against Internet harassments, libel, slander, etc. Posting my real name will jeopardize my work and family, since AEWPS confronts the offender head-on.

    I created AEWPS because I was a victim of Internet Abuse. What we do is investigate and report Internet Abusers, to post their names as reports and their violations along with any findings, along with confronting those held responsible, directly or indirectly, for the abuse.

    AEWPS also takes an active role by notifying owners of websites, web pages, Internet providers etc of any abuse that exists on their page or domain, requesting the abuse to be blocked, removed, stopped or deleted.

    It is true that too many people have taken the Internet as a place to be vindictive and slanderous with the belief of anonymity, but with the help of many organizations pooling together their resources, as AEWPS wants to achieve, Internet Abuse will become a minor event.

    Owner of AEWPS

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