Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Jails: WWASPS

U.S. teens faced this "box" when disciplined in WWASPS facilities in Montana.

U.S. teens faced this “box” when disciplined in WWASPS facilities in Montana.

When parents contact me and tell me, ‘well, their [WWASPS aka Teen Help Sales Rep] claims they are no longer part of WWASPS’, I usually chuckle under my breathe.  Seriously, I guess I shouldn’t laugh since over a decade ago I fell prey to their garbage they were selling too.  You have to understand when parents are desperate to get their teen help, they are willing to believe (hope and pray) that what they are being told is the gospel.

On page 3 of the article – I see where they still like to live in denial, but the NYT’s has checked out their business filings and their own testimony:

According to business filings and Mr. Lichfield’s court testimony, the schools and programs that have ties to Mr. Lichfield and his associates are Horizon Academy, Cross Creek Programs and Old West Academy in Utah; Seneca Ranch in South Carolina; Midwest Academy in Iowa; Red River Academy in Louisiana; and Pillars of Hope in Costa Rica. Annual tuition ranges from about $36,000 to $60,000. Most of the schools denied an affiliation with World Wide.

Unfortunately for most of us that have been down the road of WWASPS and all their web of “lies” in my opinion, or maybe they become truths when you say them enough times.  (Who knows), though when children are involved, this is very serious.

The FRONT page of the New York Times was the perfect place for the headline today.  Why?  Because children are being victimized (in my opinion).  You see, my story took place back in 2000 – yes, over 12+ years ago and these same people are still allowed to operate programs (I call them programs since to call them a school – in my opinion) is a farce.

If you read the URL of the cover page of the NYT’s – it actually says these schools are run like a “prison.”  I think my daughter would concur.

So when will all this stop?

Since the  late 1990’s this organization has been bombarded with negative stories, press, lawsuits, etc.  It is up to parents to do their due diligence.  In our country there are very few, if any, regulation on these programs – so we have to be our child’s advocate.

My story has been well documented both online and by Health Communications, Inc.

All articles and posts on my blogs are my opinions.  Parents are free to make their own decisions.


3 thoughts on “Students Recall Special Schools Run Like Jails: WWASPS

  1. I am wondering if you are aware that a staff member at Red River Academy has been arrested for rape involving more than one student. I am angry that a place like this can be allowed to exist. They sure know how to fly under the radar. I live in Alexandria and was unaware this place even existed.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Sadly – I continually get emails and stories about these “programs” and claims they are not part of the WWASPS group. Yet I have had people tell me it is all the same staff — same model – etc… now I had a parent contact me they recently reopened their largest one – Spring Creek Lodge – renaming it Wood Creek Academy…. I only hope parents are smart enough to do their due diligence. We can’t tell people what to do – but we can give them the information for them to make their own decisions. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Have you ever heard of a despicable place called new bethany academy run by Mack Ford? has done a very good editorial if you are interested.

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