Tips for Teens and Kids to Capture Summer Memories

journalI wrote earlier this summer that Facebook Is Not A Diary.

Journals are a way for you and your kids to remember where you’ve been and what you’ve done throughout the years. They serve to capture feelings and preserve memories. If your kids attend camp each year, encouraging them to keep a camp journal will allow them to relive those memories and experiences as the years pass. Photo journals are another great way to immortalize memories, especially when paired with a caption that chronicles the date and place of the photo. These 24 blog entries explore different ways you can utilize a journal.

Camp Journal

Journaling your time at camp, whether it’s hiking through Europe or attending summer camp, is a great way to preserve your camp adventures. Detail who you’ve met and what you’ve seen. Sketch out interesting things you’ve encountered. Add photos to document different people and places. For more ideas on how to make a camp journal, take a look at these six blog posts.

Photo Journal

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and often that is true. Looking at a picture can bring back a flood of memories from a certain event or the day that you snapped the photo. To save money, you may want to keep your photo journal online so that you don’t have to pay to print out all of your pictures. Jot down a quick caption with each picture to help immortalize the people and places.  These six blog articles will explain how to keep a photo journal.

Vacation Journal

While it’s unlikely that you want to spend your entire vacation writing in a journal, by jotting down notes here and there about specific things that have happened you can document your time away from home. Once home, you can flesh out your notes a bit more to help preserve your vacation memories, as well as add in photos from your trip. To find some travel journal inspiration check out these six blog entries.

Plant/Garden Journal

As a gardener you will probably try different varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables over the course of many years, as well as different fertilizers and weed killers. It’s a smart idea to keep track of what varieties of plants you’ve used in your garden so that you know what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t.  Make notes about where you planted different things in the garden and what plants you planted together. For tips on making a garden journal, look at these six blog posts.

Source:  Summer Nanny Jobs


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