Five Parenting Experts on Twitter

I must say, I am so  flattered and honored, not only to be listed, but to be among some people I look up to and feel they have been my mentors.

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Do you think there are more parents on Facebook or Twitter?

Now, if I had to guess, I would say that more parents are active on Facebook than Twitter. Just going by the numbers, Facebook has over 750 million subscribers. I know that as a parent, I spend more time on Facebook.

However, I have found that Twitter is a great source for all types of connections and resources.
Just like anything on the internet there is a lot to sort through to get to the good stuff. That is why I wanted to write this post and share with you some of the best parenting experts that I have found on Twitter.
Of course, these folks have websites and Facebook pages too, if you don’t hang out on Twitter. I will post those links as well.

1. Brian R. King, LCSW@brianrking

Brian is a fantastic resource for families and children on the autism spectrum. He is an adult on the autism spectrum and is also the father of three sons on the autism spectrum. He has a unique and powerful perspective in serving this community and parents in general. He also has innovative programs, including webinars and coaching programs.
Facebook: HERE

2. Dr. Michele Borba@micheleborba

Dr. Michele Borba truly is a parenting expert and literally wrote the big book on parenting solutions. She is a Parenting Contributor for several TV shows, including the TODAY Show, Dr. Phil and MSNBC. Michele is a Psychologist, educator and author of 22 books, including “The Big Book of Parenting Solutions.” Oh yeah, most importantly she is also a Mom. She is also very friendly and personable on Twitter.
Facebook: HERE

3. Dr. Laura Markham@drlauramarkham

Dr. Laura Markham is an excellent resource for parents. She has a website that is jam packed with great info that is helpful to parents of kids of all ages. Dr. Laura is definitely “making the world a better place…one family at a time.” She is both a Mom and a clinical psychologist. In all of her work she emphasizes self-care for parents and ways to always maintain a connected relationship with your kids. Really good stuff. You should check her out online.
Facebook: HERE

4. Sue Scheff@suescheff

Sue Scheff seems to be a tireless advocate for kids and teens. She is an author and parent advocate who has been on many TV shows, including 20/20, CNN, Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil. She is very active on Twitter and posts many helpful articles and resources on a daily basis. She is especially connected and fluent in youth culture and trends, which I appreciate with my focus on working with teenagers.
Website: and
Facebook: HERE

5. Suzanna Narduci – @suzannanarducci

Suzanna is a Mom of two and co-founder of, which is a website for parents of preteens, also known as 9-13 year olds. Her website is really fun and easy to navigate. It is chock full of good parenting advice and relevant blog posts. She is fun to connect with on Twitter and always generous in mentioning my Twitter name as someone who cares about kids. Thanks Suzanna!
Facebook: HERE

These are just a few of my favorite Parenting Experts to follow on Twitter. There are so many more.

Find more on HelpThisKidclick here.


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