Teen Summer Jobs and How to Find Them

Will your teen get a summer job?

Years ago summer jobs for teens were widely available.  Today many adults are filling these positions with the declining economy and more people losing their jobs.

Jean Chatzky, Today Show Financial Contributor, shared excellent advice for those teens that are still looking for a summer job.  She says it is not too late!  There are still jobs out there and they could be in your local neighborhood.  Many retail stores and resorts are still hiring, but don’t stop there.

  1. Convenient stores: Many have shifts available that adults don’t want to work.
  2. Small businesses and companies in  your local area: Knock on those doors.
  3. Networking: This is so important since it is an avenue that you can bring into your adult life. Networking is probably one of the most important lessons in job hunting a teen should learn.
  4. Online job sites: Many teens are more sophisticated  with working the online applications, but making that personal connection is invaluable.  You may apply online, but follow up in person.
  5. Presentation: This is what will get you in the door.  Learn how to dress for the interview.  Although tattoo’s and piercings have become acceptable in today’s society, they are not want many companies want representing their business.  It may be best to remove your piercings for the interview and cover up your tattoo’s.
  6. Facebook: What does this have to do with finding a summer job?  Could be everything!  More than 70% of employers and college admissions are searching their applicants online.  What does your digital footprint say?  Remember, if there is vulgar language, or questionable pictures – now is the time to consider removing them.
  7. Connections: Although you may have a friend or family that can get you an interview, the teen still needs to make the presentation.  There is nothing wrong with a parent or friend opening a door for a teen, but nailing the job is up to the teen.

One last piece of advice from the expert, Jean Chatzky, is teens should consider keeping the job past summer.  Research shows that a teen working 15 hours a week does not affect their school work.


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