Teen Mentor Program Shut Down by Child Welfare

U.S. teens faced this "box" when disciplined.

Parents can reach their wit’s end when it comes to today’s teenagers.

Whether they are using drugs, drinking,  hanging with the wrong crowd, running away, and finally want to drop out of high school – what options do parent have?  A parent in denial is a dangerous parent – since your teen is at-risk and his negative behavior is a cry for help.

Many reach into the Internet and attempt to find help.  These desperate parents are ready to believe almost anything – as long as a promise to help their teen is involved.

A Broward County family, who doesn’t wish to be named, has lived this horror.  While simply trying to get their 15 year-old daughter help, they were duped, their daughter was harmed both physically and emotionally.  Lawsuits go flying and silence agreements are swiftly put in place.

A youth behavior modification center run by the Utah-based World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) is closed following allegations of abuse – according to the Tico Times.

For the second time in the past nine years, a youth behavior modification center run by the Utah-based World Wide Association of Specialty Programs (WWASP) is closed following allegations of abuse. This one was run by the association’s director, Bob Lichfield, brother of Narvin Lichfield, who ran a similar center here until it was voluntarily shut down in 2003 – continues the Tico Times.

WWASPS is the organization that the Broward family above experienced, WWASPS has been, since 1998, featured in many media outlets including New York Times, Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, 48 Hours, Dateline and literally dozens of others throughout the country, in a negative light.

Back in 2000 there were over a dozen of their programs in existence.  Today you will find a handful, including Red River Academy (LA), Horizon’s Academy (NV) and Cross Creek (UT).  There are several others, and through a string of name changes, the roots usually come back to the Lichfield group, WWASPS.

With the recent closing of Teen Mentor in Costa Rica, it seems parents are still being duped.  Florida mother, Erica (named changed for privacy), picked up her son this week from Teen Mentor and is simply mortified at what she was sold and what her son received.  She will be meeting with our state’s attorney office, she wants answers why this is allowed to continue as WWASPS still has other programs still open.

Teenagers today are a challenge. If you find yourself in spot that you exhausted all your local options and need intervention, a residential therapy program or otherwise, do your due diligence.  There are many excellent programs in our country.  WWASPS has many URL’s, marketing arms, and sales people just waiting to help you – dial with caution. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  If it is far less expensive than the average program, look and try to find out why.

Finding safe and quality is priority, take your time.

For helpful hints and questions to ask schools and programs you are considering, visit www.HelpYourTeens.com or www.TeenHelpAdvice.com.

Be an educated, you will have safer teens.

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