OWN is here! A Show for Everyone!

Taking a walk on the beach…

Tossing a ball with your child….

Watching the sunshine as you daydream…

All on the first day of a New Year and a fresh beginning.

It is also the first day for OWN!

The day that the big “O” comes into households all over the world to make a positive change in lives all day long – everyday – and that includes your life!  From parenting to miracles to giving inspiration, the electricity that OWN has been sparking over the past few weeks in anticipation for today is one that you couldn’t ignore.

Have you found it on Facebook yet?  Click here.

Not sure what cable channel you can find it on in your area? Click here. For Comcast subscribers in Ft. Lauderdale, channel 103 will be your path to OWN.

One of the most anticipated new shows on OWN is Kidnapped by the Kids!

Can a workaholic really learn how to be a better parent from his or her own child? In this series, children are empowered to stand up to their overworked parents. It’s good-bye to cell phones and computers, and hello to family time with the kids at the helm. It’s a heart-warming journey that empowers real families to rediscover what family is all about.

Parenting is a challenge – but when your own children give you a wake-up call, it will bring you some shocking results.

For the complete line for a variety of shows that are designed to cover many enlightening issues, visit http://www.oprah.com/own.

Happy New Year and may you own your year of excitement, health, and happiness!