Holidays and Facebook and Social Networking

The holidays are here! Whether you are celebrating the holiday or not,  many are catching up on their social networking!

Friends are posting on each other’s Facebook walls – Merry Christmas!

Heartwarming photo’s and touching video’s are being circulated and it is simply a time of catching up with your family and friends – virtually!

Virtually is reality today, and if you aren’t one of the billion people on Facebook, chances are pretty good you will eventually get signed up.

The best part about social networking is that there is something for everyone.  From 8 years old, to 18 years old to 80 years old – the fact that the Internet is ageless is priceless.

Remember, if your child is under 13 years-old, or even for teens, parenting and teaching cyber-safety is a must.  For the younger kids, get them involved in Yoursphere – a place for younger kids to mingle, chat and be safe.  At Yoursphere – safety is their priority.

So as you are checking your Facebook wall and your friends walls, take the time to share it with your kids – after all, isn’t holidays about family?

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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