Sue Scheff: Gay Teens

Homosexuality can be a sensitive subject, however  today there are many resources to help educate parents and teens on sexuality.  No matter what your beliefs are, teens will be teens and going through puberty is not easy, whether you are gay or straight, life has challenges.  However society can be harsh when they are not tolerant to different lifestyles.

This is not about right or wrong, it is about differences.  Differences is what makes the world go round and makes our country a wonderful place to live.  Freedoms to be who you are and be proud of it.

How many times have you said something you wish you could take back? How many times have your children repeated things you wish you never said? As many parents know, what goes in their little ears can come out of their mouth – when you least expect it or want to hear it!

How about when your teens repeat personal matters in your family? If you are sharing private information with your teenagers, you may want to be clear it is personal and especially not to share it online or in text.

What about when kids don’t understand certain slang words and use them unknowingly in conversations that end up hurting others?

During the month of June as Gay Pride Month is recognized, if your teen is struggling with their sexuality or you know someone that is having a difficult time, be a friend.  Be understanding. You don’t always have to agree with others, but being caring is being non-judgmental.

Parents play a crucial role in teaching their children about the negative impact of bullying and harassment as well as teaching tolerance. Talk about these issues with your children and within your community. Learn about the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). No matter what your religious beliefs are, no one should condone bullying. We should not judge others, as we don’t want them to judge us.

Take the time to think before you speak.

Watch video.