Sue Scheff: Father’s Day is 100 Years-Old on June 20th

This year people will celebrate Father’s Day for the 100th time as it was first came into existence in 1910. The first observance of Father’s Day is believed to have been held on June 19, 1910 through the efforts of Sonora Dodd. Ms. Dodd is from Spokane, Washington.

How will you celebrate Father’s Day 2010?  As with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day can be difficult for those that have lost their father or never had a father  or father figure in their life.  It can be a time to reflect and be grateful for that special person that has been there for you.  Maybe it is time for amends.

These celebratory days are to recognize those that you love and care about, and show your appreciation.  If they are no longer with us, take the time to do something in their memory. 

During a year of financial stress in many families, buying a gift may be a struggle.  Start thinking now about what you can give that special person.  Look for those old photo’s and create a collage of the times you cherished, Life with Dad. A good time for laughter, find those old family movies and burn them to a DVD.  Check out those hairstyles and clothes, life does come full circle, especially after a 100 years!

Consider creating a coupon book with tickets for things you could do for that person, for example, wash the car, make dinner, mow the lawn or anything around the house that would give your father a break.

Of course the best gift of all is the gift of your time!  Plan a family day, go to the beach, the park or even your own backyard!  Play some games, have a picnic and just enjoy each other.  Time is a priceless gift.

Broward County Parks and Recreation – check for local events and activities.

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