Sue Scheff: What is your School Climate? Education is the Key to Prevention of School Violence

No matter where you are in our country, school climate is critical in our childrens lives.  Today with the headlines ripping with text rage, text threats and hit listsbullying, beatings, teen bomb scares and more, there has never been a more crucial time to educate parents, teachers, schools and students about prevention of school violence and the need to learn about healthy living.

School Climate is an educational resource that is working diligently to bring together everyone to benefit our communities and school districts. 

About School Climate:

Our goal is to promote positive and sustained school climate: a safe, supportive environment that nurtures social and emotional, ethical, and academic skills.

CSEE is an organization that helps schools integrate crucial social and emotional learning with academic instruction. In doing so, we enhance student performance, prevent drop outs, reduce physical violence, bullying, and develop healthy and positively engaged adults.

For more than a decade CSEE has worked together with the entire academic community-teacher, staff, school-based mental health professionals, students and parents-to improve a climate for learning.

We help translate research into practice by establishing meaningful and relevant guidelines, programs and services that support a model for whole school improvement with a focus on school climate.

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