Sue Scheff: Teens Want to Spend Time with Parents

As Mother’s Day is here, an amazing study has been released, teens want time with their parents!

According to a ‘Family Circle’ survey, beneath that angst-ridden façade is a teen who is much different than he or she appears. There is a part of them that hungers to be part of their parent’s life.

As a matter of fact, teens have stated that they wish their parents spend more time with them and worked less.  With today’s economy, that can be difficult, but it is promising that teens deep down do want to be part of your family.

What Parents Need to Know:

  • While nearly a quarter of teen respondents said their parents don’t seem to have enough time to spend with them, the majority of the parents surveyed did not report having struggles with finding enough time to spend with their kids. This disconnect may be the result of parents underestimating the amount of time their kids want and need from adults. (Dr. Holly Kreider, Harvard Graduate School of Education)
  • Teens say it’s the simple things -like taking walks, sharing meals, playing games, watching TV and talking more with each other – that they most want to do more of with their parents. (Opinion Research Corporation)
  • Use time together as an opportunity to talk about what’s going on in your teen’s life, how their day was and what they want for their future. (Dr. Nancy McGarrah, psychologist)
  • Spending time with your children is essential to their development. Parents are the best source of education for their children. Make sure they’re getting their information from you – and not the TV or other teens. (Dr. Kindell Schoffner, licensed psychologist)

Sources: Connect with Kids, KATV, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

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What are you doing with your teens today?