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Are you considering residential therapy for your teenager? 

Do you have a good teen making bad choices?

Are you surfing the Internet, totally confused by all those toll free numbers, marketing arms, and sales reps?

Are you totally at your wit’s end???

As  responsible parent, we need to get our teen help, however we also need to stop, think, research and consider what is best for your individual teen. 

Many years ago, I struggled with my own teen daughter and her unacceptable behavior and needed outside help.  My story has made headlines – and also lead to a book – Wit’s End! that has helped many parents when they are about to make a major decision.

I was sucked in by a group that told me all I “needed” to hear – and delivered on just about zero of it.

Learn from my mistakes – gain from my knowledge.  If you are considering any of the above referenced “teen-help” programs (in the title) or marketing arms – take your time – do your research and please read my horrific experiences with them.  I am considered a disgruntled parent, yes, I am.  When someone harms your child, you become that way.  However, I won two jury trials – I even won the appeals when they attempted to overturn the verdicts – so I proved my case in a court of law….

I heard they say the jury made a mistake – well, what we would we expect them to say…..