Sue Scheff: Summer Education and Activities for Teens

Yes, summer is about here.  The final report cards will be coming in and parents will be determining if their teenager needs to attend summer school.  With budget cuts in local schools, and the cost of private tutoring, this can be a challenge.  However as most parents know, education is key to our children’s future.

It is important your teenager has goals and aspirations for their future.  If they are in need of summer help, checking into local resources that offer assistance.  The Broward Educator website may have an interest that perks your teen up.  Florda Smart website is part of the Broward County public school system that offers numerous magnet programs, special education centers, and after school programs.  You can also find summer programs listed.

Florida Virtual School is free to Florida Residents!  This may be a great option for parents that need to enhance their teens GPA or even just get them caught up academically.  They offer certified and caring teachers. 

Of course all teens want to be out there surfing, swimming, fishing, playing sports and more and they can.  However they need to also be in tune with their education and it is up to the parent to guide them in the right direction.  They can do it all, it is all about planning your summer ahead!

Education is the key to your teenagers future.  Be a part of it now and they will be grateful (probably later).

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