Sue Scheff: Choosing the right Nanny for your family

How many families have nannies?  Have you considered hiring a nanny?  If so, there is a vast amount of research and investigative work that needs to be done, considering this person will be responsible for your child and their well-being.  

Hiring a stranger to care for your child or children can be difficult and cause apprehension. The anxiety level is understandably raised a notch when parents consider care by a nanny, however it is a growing trend and can be extremely beneficial to both the parents and the children.

An upcoming episode of Ghost Whisperer is portraying a nanny that is a potential threat to a child, however is it the nanny or the ghost that is haunting her?  This could be a lethal combination!  This nanny does have a dark past, but is it really her fault?  How can you find the perfect nanny for your family?

Tips for researching a nanny:

You should always ask for references when considering hiring a nanny, and be outright and ask any questions you feel appropriate, questions to ask could be:

  • How many years experience the nanny has had.
  • What age groups has the nanny worked with previously.
  • Where was the nanny last employed and did they give her a reference.
  • What was the reason for the nanny leaving the position.
  • Is the nanny qualified in first aid.
  • Would they be willing to be flexible in working hours.
  • How would they reprimand your child if it was needed.

Source:  Child Care Finders

In South Florida there is Crunch Care, A South Florida Nanny and Caregiver Referral Agency
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Be an educated parent,  you will have safer and healthier children.  Read more.

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