Sue Scheff: Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas (Little to no cost)

During these troubling economic times, buying gifts can be difficult for some families.  Teachers work all year with our children, during hard times and the good times.  They are the ones that are children are with most of the week.  They are the future of our children.

At VolunteerSpot, teachers are loved! That’s why they have complied this eBook filled with the Greatest Gifts for Teachers. Many are low-cost or no-cost and all show your teacher how much you care. Ideas for winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Week, retiring teachers and more. VolunteerSpot’s free and easy volunteer scheduling software saves time signing up and reminding volunteers for teacher appreciation activities.

Take the time to review this fantastic eBook of gift ideas. 

VolunteerSpot is a fantastic organization that help communities come together and work for the benefit of others. 

VolunteerSpot launched in Spring, 2009 with the mission of enabling ANYONE to quickly mobilize and coordinate volunteers in their community, congregation and social network. VolunteerSpot’s simple sign up application makes it easy for community members to participate and say YES to volunteering. No waiting for approvals and passwords, no software to install, just easy, free scheduling and sign up tools for everyday heroes making a difference.

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Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7

Greatest Gifts For Teachers & Teacher Appreciation Week