Sue Scheff: Teen Nearly Bullied To Death, Josie Lou Ratley, Is Finally Showing Signs of Hope

After almost three weeks of being in a medically induced coma, Josie Lou Ratley is showing signs of improvement.  On Easter Sunday, as her mother prepared a basket full of art supplies, a large stuffed bunny, chocolate and more, a sign of hope occurred as Josie has began to slightly move.

Channel 10 Just News reported Josie’s mother Hilda Ratley was at her bedside and are thrilled with these new signs of hope.  Doctors have decreased her medication and are slowly bringing her out of the coma. Sun-Sentinel reported earlier  this evening of this sign of progress.

On this Easter Sunday, miracles do happen.  Last reported, Josie’s condition had taken a turn for the worse, however with the many prayers and support and love from her  family, friends and so many supporters, there is light. 

March 17th, this beautiful young eighth grader was nearly beaten to death allegedly over a dispute of upsetting text messages.  As a Broward County judge has issued a gag order on discussing the details of this case, two teens, Wayne Treacy and Kayla Manson remain in Broward County’s Juvenile Detention Center.

The Ratley family does not  have medical insurance and our community has come together with many fundraisers.  Learn more by joining Pray for Josie Lou Ratley Facebook Group.  It is nearly 1000 supporters and growing. 

You can also donate to any Wachovia Bank to continue  to help Josie and her Family by donating at ANY by mailing your donations to:

Wachovia Bank
2989 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.
Please make checks payable to “The Josie Lou Ratley Fund”

Or you can donate online. Just click on the gold “Donate” button on Josie’s page at:

This is an Easter miracle many have been praying for, and may it only get better from here. 
The power of pray is evident.

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