Sue Scheff: Reporting Scams – Both Online and Off

Have you or your child (especially teens) ever been a victim of a scam?  With the increased use of the Internet and websites that seem credible however can be questionable, today people of all ages are prone to stumble across some form of fraud or scam.  If you do, it is imperative you share it with the Federal Trade Commission.

People can help stop scams, rip-offs and fraudsters by sharing their experience with the FTC.  Be sure to watch the informative video below and find out how to file a complaint.

Each time we speak up, we are potentially protecting another person being attacked by a scam.  You may be that person, you may be the one that didn’t get scammed since someone else took the time to file a complaint and bring recognition to a scam.

If a business doesn’t deliver on their promises, identity theft, you were offered a free service and see a charge on your bank account or credit card, report it to the FTC immediately.  Help put a stop to shady business and less than ethical services.

The more you get involved, the safer everyone will be.

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