Sue Scheff: Think before you hit send – Nasty-grams are not nice to send or receive

It is more likely than not that you have typed an email filled with anger and hit send before thinking about the consequences.  It is even likely you have received an email that hurt your feelings and was simply ugly.

Emails fly through the day and through the night.  Once you hit send, it could be the end of a friendship, job, relationship, or even marriage.  Have you reviewed your email and thought about who will be seeing it?  Who will be reading it?  Or if it ends up as an exhibit in a court of law, will it come back to haunt you?

We can learn to maintain our stress level through breathing exercises or even counting to a hundred.  It would benefit you if you are angry, upset, or have to deliver not so good news, to think twice before hitting send.  Put that email in your drafts, think on it for twenty-four hours.

Like with bullying, these emails can have lasting emotional affects on the person receiving it.  Is that your intent?  If so, you truly need to step back from the keypad or mouse and re-evaluate this situation.

Teens and kids don’t always think before they hit send.  Take the time to teach your children about the liabilities of sending “nasty-grams“.  What you post or send today, may come back to haunt you tomorrow. 

Think twice before you launch that email!

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