Sue Scheff: Social Networking – Be nosy, curious or just being social – Check your privacy settings

Social networking is a trend today.  Most are involved in at least one social networking site, if not more. According to the recent Pew Internet Research Center, almost 75% of adults are using the Internet.

If you are signed up on a social networking site, are you aware of your privacy settings?  Remember, not everyone is using social networking for re-connecting with old friends or family. 

How many times have your caught yourself searching an old relative or distant friend?  Have you checked up on an old flame?  An ex-husband or wife?  How about a neighbor or friend that is constantly bragging about how wonderful their kids are, well, have you seen their social scene site? 

As parents we need to stay educated about the latest Internet safety information for our kids.  At the same time, take steps to secure your own privacy. 

Are you a business owner?  Remember competitors are always looking for new ideas and will be watching too.  At the same time it is imperative you keep your virtual profile up-to-date. Keep in mind, many new clients/customers won’t take the time to determine what is Internet fact verses Internet fiction.

Take a few minutes to insure your online social networking profiles.  If you only want friends to see you, be sure your setting reflect exactly what you are comfortable with. 

As humans, we all have the curiosity nose, however remember, others have that nose too! 

Being social is a ton of fun, just be safe too!

Tips on giving yourself the gift of virtual presence.

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