Sue Scheff: Resolutions Made to Be Broken

Resolutions made to be broken is not about bursting your great intentions, it is about bringing an awareness to our great intentions and hopefully challenging you to follow through with them.

Many view January 1st as turning over a new leaf and making some needed changes in your life that may not be working for you now.  Here are a few that although you will want to enter into 2010 with a firm conviction, remember that old cliché “never say never“.

1.  Resolution:  “I will never speak with __________ again!”  Many people have that one person or family member that has caused nothing but heartache and trouble in your life.  They are downers, they are always in some type of need or trouble and you are usually their brunt of relief.  Stating you will never be there for them is not realistic.  There may be an urgent issue that you will be there – you will speak with that person, even it if it to tell them you to stop contacting you.  For those of you going through a divorce (especially a nasty one) and don’t have children, you can make yourself the resolution you won’t be talking to them again, however the correspondence with the attorney’s will speak for you.

2.  Resolution:  “I never will attend church again. This past year has been so awful, where was God?”  There are people that think like this, however to state you will never attend church for 2010 may not be a resolution you can keep.  What happens if a good friend or family member is getting married in a church or unfortunately you have a funeral to attend at a church.  You will be in a church.  Hopefully you will come back for other reasons, but to make a resolution that you will never go to church can be extreme.

3. Resolution: “I will be positive in this new 2010 and release all my negative thoughts.”  Sounds great, and the belief in positive thinking is very powerful.  Realistically, there will be events that will interrupt those positive thoughts.  It is o-kay, that is life and it is not always perfect, but to say you will always be positive is a bit unrealistic.

4. Resolution: “I will never own a pet again.”  Have you recently suffered the loss of a pet?  You may tell yourself you will never get that attached again and won’t get another dog, cat, bird or whatever pet you had.  Keep in mind, you never know when you are out shopping and see those animals that need a good home or a find a stray cat that just won’t leave your property. 

5. Resolution:  “I just won’t make one.”  Yes, that way it will be broken, since deep down most people will quietly make a resolution without the pressure of others knowing about it.  This way when it is broken, only you will know about it.

Wishing you all a Happy, healthy and safe New Year no matter what your resolution is!  Just remember life is short and you need to do what is best for you!

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