Sue Scheff: Helping Charities When Times Are Tough

There is no denying many people this year are being effected by the economy.  With unemployment on the rise, foreclosures of many homes  – just putting food on the table has become a struggle with many average families.

Have you thought about non-profit organizations?  Some of those same people that used to regularly donate to charitable causes are finding it impossible to do this year.  This has been an extremely tough year for non-profits.

The Wall Street Journal Report had an excellent segment about finding qualified charities, tips for receipts and how to determine your tax deduction.  Watch the video  and learn more.

The American Institute of Philantrophy offers a smart tip list to review before you give to an organization. 

New York Examiner and Founder of Love Our Children USA, Ross Ellis, also wrote an excellent article on your last minute donations.  December 31st is a big day for charities and year-end giving by Ross Ellis will give you more guidance and resources so you can safely donate and help others.

Remember, giving can feel so good!  Take the time to pay it forward and this is one service that will never expire – you can always donate, especially at the last minute!

Watch video learn more – give safely!