Sue Scheff: Google Bomb Book

I was flattered and honored that Christopher Burgess would add Google Bomb book to his Blog on Online Safety and Online Reputation Management.

Here is the first part:

Online Safety: Reputation and Personal Brand (A review of the book – Google Bomb)

We all have a reputation. When you were young, you may have been known as the “ultra-smart” student or the one who wore “keds” or perhaps the “bratty one” or the “swimmer” – all labels. And as we matured the labels and nicknames associated with us adjusted. When we entered the working world we all were rated and graded on our clothes, performances, and achievements. Perhaps those judging were our customers, clients or supervisors and throughout the engagement our personal and professional reputations were formed and perhaps you had your professional dossier in hard copy and you also had the “hall file” or personal reputation. Today, the reputation is dynamic and while the hall file certainly remains, each of us as individuals has what is affectionately known as our personal brand.

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