Sue Scheff: Massive Support for Teen that was Set on Fire

On October 12th, 2009 the entire country were shocked when they heard the news of 15 year-old Michael Brewer.  He was literally doused in rubbing alcohol and set on fire by other teenagers!

As of today he has had three skin grafts and is in stable condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Burn Center in Miami.

Today New Times of Broward-Palm Beach County reported that Michael Brewer has over 7000 fans on Facebook all praying for his recovery. After just checking it is confirmed that there are 7484 fans to date!  Be sure to join and support his family in pray or otherwise.

People are also writing Extreme Makeover in hopes of helping the Brewer family.  

On Monday, December 14th, ironically the same day Michael Brewer had his third skin graft, the mother of one of the defendants accused of this horrific act appeared on the TODAY Show.  Sherry Jarvis believes that her 15 year-old son, Denver Jarvis shouldn’t be tried as an adult.  Denver is charged as an adult with second-degree attempted murder.  Read more.