Sue Scheff: Teen Brings a Gun to School with a Hit List

gun+close+upAfter last month’s horrific incident that nearly ended a 15-year old Michael Brewer’s  life, a 14-year old in Miami brings a gun to school while the teacher notices this student scribbling names on a paper.  What was it?  He remarked to the teacher he wanted to kill another student.  The police later found a handgun in his backpack.

Thankfully the teacher alerted authorities, she is an example of being proactive and definitely a teacher that needs to be commended for her immediate response. 

What is going on with teens today?  Why are they turning to criminal activity?

Criminal Activity and Your Teen
For many kids, adolescence is a trying phase of life. Body changes, school pressures, and personality changes can be very overwhelming to your teen when occurring all at once. Because of these pressures, adolescents can be more susceptible to things like peer pressure. Whether it’s out of a desire to fit in or stand out, your normally levelheaded teen can be easily pressured into committing dangerous and illegal acts they might never otherwise consider.

Sometimes, these activities are relatively harmless, and can include things like dying their hair a bold color, or cutting a class or two. But often, many teens find the desire to fit in so strong they are willing to compromise their own morals to be part of the ‘in’ crowd. They may be more likely to experiment with drugs or alcohol, or commit other criminal activities, all for the sake of ‘fitting in’.

Though there are many dangers your teen may encounter, this site deals specifically with teenagers and criminal activity, like shoplifting, vandalism, and violent crime. Teens can partake in these activities for many reasons- peer pressure being just one of a long list of possibilities.

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