Sue Scheff: Parenting Teens – Time to Talk

TimeToTalk_logoThe Partnership for a Drug-Free America  kicks off its third annual Time To Talk Month with a new online guide to help parents guide their teens through tough transition times, including back to school, when added social and academic pressures make teens more vulnerable to trying drugs and alcohol. Time To Talk is the Partnership’s movement designed to help parents and caregivers start and maintain open, honest dialogue and help them talk with their kids about the risks of drugs and alcohol.
A recent online survey of more than 2,500 moms conducted by and the Partnership revealed that moms’ number-one concern about back-to-school time is that their child “might be exposed to kids who drink or use drugs” (29 percent), followed closely by worries that their teens “will feel pressure to do well academically or pressure from tests” (22 percent).  A 2007 Partnership study of 6,500 teens indicated that the number one reason teens use drugs is to cope with school stress and according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the key risk periods for adolescent drug abuse are during major transitions, such as entering middle or high school or leaving home for college.
The research-based guide “Transitions & Teens: A Guide for Parents” aims to help parents recognize these important times in their child’s life, while encouraging parents to have better communication with their teens, helping make this often-complicated issue less daunting for families. The guide has everything parents and caregivers need to know to help keep their children healthy, drug and alcohol-free, and even happy – especially during difficult teen transition periods. The guide even features a helpful checklist for parents pairing each transition with a tip for parents on how to maintain open conversations, monitor and discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol.
To learn more about what parents can do to help their teens through transitions times, please visit   for the free guide today