Sue Scheff: Parenting Teens Can bring Headaches

This isn’t exactly a parenting article or a Blog about teens, but as a parent that raised two teens, I definitely had the headaches that went with them.  So this Blog is about YOU – the Parent – do you get headaches? Stress headaches? Migraines?  Read more!

headache uThe National Headache Foundation to introduce you to a new, cool and unique educational portal called Headache U.  We all know parents can’t really take a day off, or even a “time out” for a headache. We always need to be “on” for our families, but headaches can quickly shut us down!  For some, headaches can get so severe, that family, social and work life takes a serious hit. Worse yet, headaches are very personal, with combinations of triggers ranging from hormones to weather, stress to diet.  So, the approach to headache care needs to be as personal as the headaches are.
That’s why Headache U is the perfect website for headache sufferers to turn to!  It’s all about YOU, which can help people with headache take a personal approach toward getting relief.
chartcourse_adBy logging onto Headache U, you and your readers can begin to “Chart Your Course to Relief,” with the first of many educational resources to be introduced in the portal. This first-of-its-kind online and interactive personal headache care tool asks you questions about your own experiences and based on your answers, guides you to resources… tailored specifically to YOU! Because sufferers want to spend less time worrying about their next headache and more time enjoying those important family moments, Headache U matches sufferers with resources based on personal headache patterns, providing the steps toward getting relief!
The NHF also really stresses the importance of becoming a student of your own headaches so you get to know your personal headache patterns. Maybe you can blame your parents! Did you know that migraines can be hereditary, and affect three times more women than men? Whatever the pattern may be, get out some paper and start taking notes! The National Headache Foundation and Headache U is the perfect resource for you to check out.
In an effort to keep programs like Headache U going, NHF has recently launched an endeavor to help raise funds for future programs. To check out the details, and to learn more about Headache U, simply visit!