Sue Scheff: Middle School Parenting – Survival Kit

middleschoolkitFeaturing real kids talking about real issues, this Emmy award-winning Connect With Kids series helps inspire communication between parents and their children about the challenges, pressures and influences every pre-teen faces. Making it easier to talk to your Middle-Schooler about today’s tough issues, this Middle School Survival Kit contains programs covering these timely topics: Internet Dangers, Drugs & Alcohol, Dating & Sex, Anxiety & Depression.

Selected video segments from our most popular titles are combined to create a must-have for every parent …

  • Sticks and Stones and Invisible Weapons cover the problems of bullying, gossiping and emotional harassment.
  • Gateway Drugs shows actual kids sharing their personal experiences about drugs, smoking and peer pressure.
  • In Caught in the Web, real-life stories teach lessons about internet safety and cyberbullying.
  • Anxiety and depression are discussed in Leave Me Alone, helping parents and kids distinguish between moodiness and signs of more serious emotional issues.
  • Innocence Lost and First Comes Love approach the topics of sex and dating, some of the most difficult subjects for parents and kids to discuss together.

The Middle School Survival Kit also features “Ask the Experts” bonus segments providing additional information on all the topics discussed.

If you have a child in middle school, purchase this Middle School Survival Kit and watch it together. Learn expert advice about how you and your family can navigate the pre-teen years.