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parentseverywhereParents Everywhere is a great resource for parents!  Suzette Boyette has developed a website offering Podcasts of great conversations with professionals, educators, authors, parents and more! 

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Parents Everywhere’s mission is to educate parents to be more effective so they may raise healthy families. Parents Everywhere envisions a world with effective parents who have powerful loving connections with their children. Children grow and flourish in supportive and peaceful homes. They become not who we want them to be, but who they are meant to be.

Founded in January 2007, Parents Everywhere first began as an idea to help parents in Central Florida become more understanding parents by attending workshops and classes. Within months, the passion for answering the need to give parents more tools in their ‘parenting toolbox’, evolved into an energy all it’s own. Others soon were just as excited to have a voice in sharing their expertise and helping families become stronger. By the end of the year, Parents Everywhere became more than just a company. It is a family whose entire focus is holistically enriching the family unit. This family now includes a dynamic group of truly special individuals who are experts in their fields and are constantly providing positive energy to keep the vision as a priority!

Today, Parents Everywhere connects people from all over the world (such as Ireland, the Ukraine, the Philippines, and Australia) to listen, to learn and to give. Parents are encouraged to listen to the Parents Everywhere Network of educational Internet radio shows/podcasts. With their own flair and unique personalities, our show hosts develop a special connection with their listeners. Each show discusses various topics that invite parents to truly listen and learn. It’s almost like visiting over a cup of coffee.

Parents are also given opportunities though the Parents Everywhere Resources to learn by attending local classes and workshops on various topics regarding parenting and family health. With fun and interactive sessions, parents become empowered with the much needed education they need to be more effective and loving. Their entire paradigm of parenting is shifted into a more positive direction. They also learn how to take time for not only themselves, but also time to reenergize their own marriages. Parents become whole again and thus, parent more effectively.

Finally, with the Parents Everywhere Foundation, parents have the chance to make a difference in their children’s lives and in their own communities. By sharing this powerful experience as a family, they change the life of others as well as their own. When they give, families see they do make a strong impact on the world; making differences that last a lifetime. We share with them the various ways they can give back by highlighting the fantastic organizations around our world.

The company is guided by the core values of honesty, integrity, and generosity. The parents are the source of inspiration and the children are the reason Parents Everywhere continues to grow all over the world. Help us spread the word and see what happens.

Parents Everywhere strengthens family connections with education.
Listen. Learn. Give.