Sue Scheff: WiredParentPad – Helping Weary Parents of Teenagers Get Wired by Jamie Pick

With today’s concerns on our kid’s Web Friends, we need to learn as much as we can about the CyberWorld they are surfing in.  I recently found a very informational website to help educate parents on this topic.

From – Take a minute to visit this website and learn more.

Jamie Pick, writes WiredParentPad to help parents of teenagers better understand today’s technology and how are kids are using it. Many parents struggle with the things that have become second nature to our kids – the web, social networking (Myspace, Facebook), instant messaging, online gaming, etc. As parents, we can use these tools as a means to communicate and connect with our teens, which we all know, isn’t always easy to do.

With an enthusiasm for technology, ten years of professional experience in the Information Technology industry, and a father of two teenage boys, this area of parenting is a natural point of interest and knowledge for me.

At WiredParentPad, I share my personal experiences, advice, and newsworthy stories related to basically anything we’d consider part of the “information age”. I urge you to leave comments, suggestions, and tips as well. Thank you for your time, I hope you find something helpful here!