The Psychological Effects of Teenage Acne on Boys and Girls by Johanna Curtis

Any person who has had even a minor experience with acne can attest to how devastating its psychological effects can be. As a licensed skin care professional, and mother of two children who suffered with acne during their early teens I have seen first-hand the devastating psychological effects that teenage acne can have on young boys and girls.

Healthy skin makes us feel good but when severe acne strikes, the negative effects can be felt as low self-esteem, social isolation, loneliness and even mental illnesses like anxiety, phobias and depression. It is very important to adopt good attitudes and self-confidence strategies to help counter the psychological effects of teenage acne, but treating the acne should be every teen or parent’s first line of defense. There are many available treatments for acne including, hormonal, skin laser therapy, topical treatments, and even antibiotic therapy. However, in the absence of prescriptions that really work most young boys and girls begin to lose hope.


Not only does a young boy or girl have to cope with physical scars that might make them feel isolated and lonely, they also have to cope with the psychological effects of teenage acne at a time when their self-esteem is growing and delicate.

Even though I knew that acne affects millions of teens worldwide and doesn’t discriminate between gender, ethnic background, education, or financial status, it was just as difficult to see my children’s personalities changing before my very eyes and struggling to maintain their self-esteem and confidence in the face of acne-related breakouts. Acne breakouts in teenage boys and girls make them feel ashamed, embarrassed and isolated. As a parent, I felt helpless.

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