Sue Scheff: How Teenage Acne Can Effect Your Teen – by Johanna Curtis (Skin Care Specialist)


95% of teenagers in American suffer from acne. The effects of this common problem can be truly devastating. It isn’t just the scars that are left by a bad case of teenage acne; there are many emotional effects as well. Some of which can follow you for life!

Whether it’s right or wrong, we teach our children that the way we look matters. With this societal dogma come many issues when, as a teen, you cannot look your best. With the blemishes that come with acne, many teens experience self esteem issues. These issues may range from being mildly self-conscious to a complete withdrawal from the world. There are actually many emotional issues that come from our need to look our best combined with a case of acne.

Some of the more common issues that result from teenage acne include:

Reduced Self-Confidence
Social Dysfunction
Poor Self Image
Clinical Depression
Problems with Anxiety
Facial Scaring

The reality of it is that even a mild case of acne can greatly affect the way you live. A few simple blemishes can leave you feeling completely self conscious. For those with more severe cases, they often face ridicule which leads to shame and embarrassment.

With all of this it brings us to the main question: What can be done for teenage acne? Luckily there is an answer. A teenage acne solution that will work where other teen acne medications have failed! Before we talk about the real solution, let’s talk about traditional acne treatments. Likely you have tried some of these products, and it’s very likely you found that they simply didn’t perform to your expectations.

The Problem with Other Teenage Acne Medicines:

Store Bought Solutions don’t Work:
When it comes to curing acne, everyone claims to have the best solution. The problem with most of these products is that they are hard on your skin, and the results are minimal at best. Worse than that, even when the store bought solutions do seem to be working – the effect is only superficial; These products do not get to the root of the problem. As soon as you quit using that commercial acne treatment, guess what happens: your acne comes back!

Prescription Acne Medicines are Dangerous:
Then there are the prescription acne medicines. Although these may work better than that cheap solution you bought at your department store, the side effects of many of these medicines include: damaged skin, skin irritation, nausea, skin burns, and even liver damage! The prescription medicines for acne are quite scary, and for some people, quite dangerous as well. Imagine needing a liver transplant because you were trying to get rid of a few zits!

Laser Treatments Will Cost You Thousands:
Another method for treating teenage acne, that produces varied results, is laser treatment. With this type of treatment lasers are used to remove blemishes. Some people have had okay results with laser treatments, while many others claim the minimal results were not worth the price. Which brings us to the big problem with laser treatment: You will spend thousands of dollars, and there is no guarantee of any result at all! To make matters worse, some people have claimed that their skin was burned or scarred from laser treatments.